It’s not often you get to work for a company with quite so much history as Holland & Barrett – they’ve been stalwarts of the UK high street for over 150 years! Whilst this brings with it a huge amount of experience, it also brings complexity – and the OSP VM team were tasked to complete a ground-up Visual Merchandising project, striving for consistency and clarity throughout the H&B customer journey.

By applying the OSP VM Methodology, collaborating with the Holland & Barrett Buying, Marketing and Merchandising teams, as well as incorporating customer insights, store environments and product range information, the OSP team created consistent visual merchandising principles and fixture display guidelines to elevate the H&B in-store customer experience.

The OSP VM team used a combination of 2D and 3D design software to bring these principles to life digitally, covering both macro and micro space, from overall department adjacencies to on-shelf flow, before applying these principles physically to key product areas to ensure proof of concept.

These principles and guidelines are now being implemented across the vast H&B UK store estate, and we’re thrilled to see our hard work brought to life!

Jenni, our VM lead says “It was great to be involved in a visual merchandising project with such fundamental changes to an already highly established business, particularly one dedicated to helping customers with their health and wellness goals. I can’t wait to go shopping!”