At OSP, we believe in contributing to a sustainable future, both at home and within retail industry. Where possible, retailers should make changes that will reate maximal impact long-term.

This is where OSP can help.

We identify the excess product that is causing you to lose profit, therefore enabling your buying team to adjust, whilst maintaining excellent quality visual merchandising and efficient space planning. Reducing wasted product (often food) is one step that OSP believes creates a more environmentally conscious retail industry.

Change starts at home:

At OSP, we are implementing the following ‘OSPeco’ as part of our environmental initiative:

Recycling and waste

Across our offices, we recycle the wasted material we have, as well as re-using any office materials we can.

Food and drink

With keep-cups and mugs readily available, there is no need to outsource our caffeine containers. We encourage team members to bring in Tupperware for their food, and make sure there are reusable sets of cutlery, plates and cups for use in the offices.

Energy and Electricity

By ensuring we buy eco-friendly lightbulbs, switching off all unused appliances and lights, we create small habits that in turn, afford a more sustainable office environment.


Having a comfortable office is paramount to our team, and we look to use the most efficient heating methods where possible, such as draught excluders, timed heating, and only opening windows when the heating is off (it gets very sunny for our offices down South!)


We encourage more sustainable transport methods, not only for a healthy environment, but a healthy body and mind. Employees walk, cycle and use public transport to get to the office where possible, and when using commercial transport (in order to meet clients on-site), we offset our carbon and use more eco-efficient methods where possible (such as electric vehicles).

Flexible working

We have adapted flexible working arrangements specific to each team members’ requirements, enabling them to travel to the office where necessary, but otherwise by working from home. Our team reduces use of public transport or their cars, they are more likely to make food at home, and also get time to get out for walks and activities with their families (and of course, the office dogs!)

Material Use

We make every effort to source our materials from sustainable (and usually independent) businesses. OSP are proud to support the Naked Pantry in New Milton (who also stock treats for the office dogs!), as well as using recycled paper, and printing only when required.