In early 2020 we started work for the ‘Little’ Dobbies arm of Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden retailer. We enjoy our work with them as it continues well into 2022.

Initially, the Micro team at OSP built their planogram library, and now manage it for them, liasing with Little Dobbies’ sales teams and Planners. Then, OSP also undertook the task of introducing the Sainsbury’s concessions into the Little Dobbies stores. This involved both the Micro and Macro team: we performed sales analysis of these spaces, allowing us to best adjust the product placement and ranges within these concessions. This process then enabled Little Dobbies to increase potential profitability and accurately reduce their over-stock.

There are now five high street garden centres spread from Edinburgh to London, a concept that has been praised across the industry, and for OSP, is an exciting proposition within retail, that counteracts the demise of the high-street shopping experience – partially due to Covid, and partially due to the increase in online retail.

‘’Our high streets can be lively, dynamic, exciting and social places that give a sense of belonging and trust to a community’’ – Mary Portas, Retail Consultant

For OSP, Little Dobbies in-store experience is a clear demonstration of this. The shops bustle with customers enjoying the space and exploring the products. There are healthy, good quality house plants that create a lush green space, just as we see in out of town garden centres, but with the added convenience of being on the high street! Little Dobbies is now seen in affluent city centre locations in order to test the concept where there is significant footfall. So far, they have performed well, and our London team have enjoyed the Richmond and Chiswick stores in turn.

We hope to see this type of retail in action as part of the future of the local high street, in order to create a better customer shopping experience in-store, and draw people away from a quick click online. Convenience is understandable, but slowing down, enjoying the experience and engaging with the company is enjoyable.