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OSP consult and provide resource for retailers at the beginning of their Space Planning journey and those at the forefront of Space Planning technology. Using the latest planogramming techniques, software by industry-leading RELEX and CAD, our team of experts improve retail performance in highly competitive markets.

Equipped with skilled clustering & assortment analysts, micro and macro space-planning teams, and creative Visual Merchandisers, we are able to see your business through the entirety of the space-planning process. 

We are on demand experts available for short or long-term support. No hidden commitment, and no hidden fees.

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Clustering & Assortment

OSP provide expert consultancy in clustering & assortment, allowing for segmentation of stores based on actual sales metrics, creating an assortment for each segment.

Using our own solution that combines segmentation and range assortment into one procedure, OSP analyse sales data and provide recommendations to ensure the consumer relationship is optimized.

Our solution:

  • Analyses store segmentation
  • Identifies regionality
  • Advises on product variance
  • Creates segmented assortments
  • Projects sales potential
  • Allows for change in parameters to suit each retailer

This output is passed to space planning solutions for planogram production!


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Additionally, OSP act as expert consultants for businesses needing assistance with planogramming software, a planogramming system, or who require advice on the requirements of installing a new system. Our training courses are tailored to suit your needs, and you will leave with a thorough understanding and practice, enabling you to utilize CCM on your next project.

Macro Space Planning

Want to maximise your retail space, and in turn reduce wasted product?

We can survey your retail estate, measuring the dimensions and adding details about the types of units required. Subsequently, you will have access to the survey of your retail estate, in order to ensure you can keep your plans consistent and up to date. In addition to the creation of CAD plans, a block library will be created, tailored specifically to the units you have available within your store.

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We also use AutoCAD or CCM to draw up individual department plans, which involves coordinating with buying and merchandising teams, who are looking for a more consistent plan across their estate of a specific sub-department or category.

Our drawing and CAD planning can go to a micro-level, such as a singular product within a bay. We also work on the following:

  • Product Group Performance
  • Adjustments on equipment and square footages
  • Customer flow and adjacencies

For some examples of our Macro work, click here

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Micro Space Planning

Offering a range of Micro space-planning services, we use your sales data to understand your interactions with customers, creating data-led solutions that will optimise this relationship.

Unsure where to put your products within a bay to increase sales? Pay as you go planogramming is a simple and effective solution: with a planogrammer supporting you on a daily basis, we look to increase your profit by a minimum of 2%.

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We will draw, optimise and manage your planogram library, delivering you a completed pack and provide ongoing support for your teams in store. Our aim is to remove the burden on you and your team, whilst improving your space performance.

Using the latest space planning software, our industry-leading partner Relex, we work quickly and effectively, whilst maintaining the human-led aspect of any project. OSP enable collaboration between buying and merchandising, as well as the ability to retrospectively analyse the impact our planogramming has had on your store.

For some examples of our Micro work, click here

Visual Merchandising

OSP work on ground up visual merchandising projects: from best-practice VM process through to in-store execution and training, we work with new and established brands to effectively improve their customer experience and convey clear brand messaging. Our Visual Merchandising team will define, drive and implement creative VM strategies, either adopting your current principles, or developing visual merchandising principles for you that suit your brand and your budget.  

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The Visual Merchandising team work diligently and efficiently to create high-end, visually innovative displays. Our team can work remotely, support you in-store or at your offices. 

  • Promote a collaborative and cohesive approach
  • Global team of experts
  • In-store support

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