Macro and Micro: Mccolls Store Update

The scope of this project required OSP to use data obtained by a third party to create large space changes across the McColls stores, in a short time frame. The Micro team at OSP were tasked with analyzing and translating this data accurately, and subsequently creating three-hundred and fifty new floor plans. These plans needed to accurately reflect the revised space apportionment, and ensure that each store had new requirements to maximise the financial return on the space.

For the teams at OSP, ‘Data is King’ and this rang true on this project.

Working with and interpreting another companies information creates added complexity, not only because of the variability of the quality of data, so without OSP involved in the way the data was calculated and obtained, the teams needed to be proactively inquisitive in order to understand and challenge areas that required clarity.

The store plans needed additional checks to ensure they could be accurately paired with the data provided by the third party and in turn, guaranteeing the precision of our output. The inclusion of our in—house Macro space team to undertake these checks was an effective solution.

Our Macro team were tasked with updating the store plans on AutoCAD based on the results of the company-wide survey undertaken by McColl’s, detailing every unit in each store; the products on that unitary, and whether this information correlated to the existing store plan.

Having updated and confirmed the accuracy of the floor plans, both the Micro and Macro team got to work in order to operate within the clients time and financial parameters. The OSP team built a series of project specific tools, bespoke to McColls. These tools significantly reduced the analytical time required per store, and became essential in meeting the clients path for delivery.

The Micro team interpreted the output of these tools, and converted floor plans to match the McColls objectives accurately.

We are delighted to have an ongoing relationship with McColls, having managed, tracked and ultimately communicated successfully with multiple teams to ensure the project was delivered precisely, and in time.